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daazzle understands the challenges of running a business! We have software applications tailored to your specific business that enable you to achieve your goals and monitor your progress!

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Your mortgage, your belongings and insurance, maintenance and so much more. Yes, there's a lot to manage in your household. Let daazzle help!

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Weddings. Planning vacations. Taking on a diet challenge for weight loss. daazzle lets you plan, manage and share your plans and goals with your family and friends!


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Bike Shop - daazzle Business

Manage your customers, work orders, inventory for sale and more! This is a typical daazzle small business solution.

Home Inventory - daazzle Home

We all have a ton of stuff! And we protect ourselves with insurance against loss. The daazzle home inventory app lets you upload pictures of all your possessions, add notes and attach documents like receipts, etc. Should the worst case happen you have online documentation of all your stuff!

Equipment Rental - daazzle Business

daazzle has a number of Rental Business apps! If your business rents out its inventory - whether it be party rentals, equipment, tools or whatever - we have the solution!

Landscaping Company - daazzle Business

Scheduling appointments, tracking required materials, managing the teams of landscapers/gardners - there's a lot more to this business than meets the eye! daazzle can help!.

Property Management - daazzle Business

If you're a professional Property Manager use the daazzle Property Management app to manage occupancy, schedule maintenance, manage documents and more!

Diet Challenge - daazzle Friends and Family

We all know that weight loss programs work best when you are part of a group! The daazzle weight loss challenge provides a great app that lets you chart your progress and compare it against your group, upload images and interact with your group.